4. Serializing your ARIMA models

After you’ve fit your model and you’re ready to start making predictions out in your production environment, it’s time to save your ARIMA to disk. Pmdarima models can be serialized with pickle or joblib, just as with most other python objects:

from pmdarima.arima import auto_arima
from pmdarima.datasets import load_lynx
import numpy as np

# For serialization:
import joblib
import pickle

# Load data and fit a model
y = load_lynx()
arima = auto_arima(y, seasonal=True)

# Serialize with Pickle
with open('arima.pkl', 'wb') as pkl:
    pickle.dump(arima, pkl)

# You can still make predictions from the model at this point

# Now read it back and make a prediction
with open('arima.pkl', 'rb') as pkl:
    pickle_preds = pickle.load(pkl).predict(n_periods=5)

# Or maybe joblib tickles your fancy
joblib.dump(arima, 'arima.pkl')
joblib_preds = joblib.load('arima.pkl').predict(n_periods=5)

# show they're the same
np.allclose(pickle_preds, joblib_preds)